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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does filler cost? 2018-05-16T03:56:33+00:00

There are a range of prices, depending on the amount and the product used. The best answer would be to come in for a consult to find out the right filler for you, and our injector can give you exact pricing depending on what you want..

How much are consultations? 2018-05-16T03:56:16+00:00

We offer free consultations for any service you may have questions about. Laser hair removal, Injectables, any skin care questions.

How long will I be red for after my microneedling treatment? 2018-05-16T03:56:00+00:00

The day of the treatment, and the next day a little pink. Your skin will experience a healing process of sensitivity, pink, dry and possibly a little peely.

Does microneedling hurt? 2018-05-16T03:55:40+00:00

No, there is a slight “vibration” or pressure, felt from the needling. We start your microneedling appointment off by numbing you for 20-30 minutes with topical numbing cream.

How long do lashes last/How often do I need fills? 2018-05-16T03:55:24+00:00

Your natural lash cycle is about 2-3 weeks, so we recommend coming in for a fill in that time frame. In your natural lash cycle, your lashes will shed and new ones will grow in that will need a fill of lash extensions.

Can you mix lashes? 2018-05-16T03:55:05+00:00

Yes, if you got a classic full set and want to get some volume for your next fill, you can absolutely do that!

What’s the difference between classic, hybrid, or volume lash extensions? 2018-05-16T03:54:46+00:00

Classic lashes work by using one extension per your natural lash. Volume lashes are fan like, with multiple lashes that are attached to one lash (with lighter type lashes), giving a more voluminous look. Hybrid lashes are a mixture of classic and volume.

How do lashes work? 2018-05-16T03:53:21+00:00

The average person has 90-120 lashes per eye, we aim to lash every single individual lash. Lash extensions work by placing one eyelash extension per your natural lash.

Is there downtime with the Hydrafacial? 2018-05-16T03:58:28+00:00

No. You may be a little pink leaving your appointment, but no downtime. Your skin will feel refreshed and glowing. This treatment is a popular treatment for brides right before their wedding!

Is laser hair removal permanent? 2018-06-02T14:08:24+00:00

Semi-permanent. After you complete your laser hair removal package, a maintenance “touch-up” treatment is required every 6 months – a year.

How long does Botox last? 2018-05-16T03:57:58+00:00

On average 2-4 months

How do I prepare for my filler or Botox appointment? 2018-05-16T03:57:45+00:00

Any time you get Botox or filler you can get a bruise, so plan your appointment around any big events. Lip filler can bruise and swell the most since this is a delicate area. We recommend avoiding alcohol, Advil, ibuprofen, aspirin, fish oil, vitamin D, evening primrose oil, and any other blood thinning medications or supplements unless these are medically necessary. After your appointment, you wont be able to work out for the rest of the day.

How long does filler last? 2018-05-16T03:57:26+00:00

Filler is made out of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced and metabolized by your body. Everyone is a little different but on average lips last around 6-9 months and other areas of the face last around a year. This will also vary depending on the type of filler used.

Is a full syringe going to make my lips look too big? 2018-05-16T03:57:06+00:00

Our injector almost always recommends a full syringe in the lips. Most clients who start with a half syringe are back within a few weeks for more! Keep in mind that one syringe is only 1/5th of a teaspoon. For cheeks almost everyone needs 2 syringes to start.

Where does Botox and filler go? 2018-05-16T03:56:50+00:00

The most common areas for Botox are the forehead, the “11’s (between your eyebrows), and the crows feet around your eyes. Filler can be used in many areas of the face including, cheeks, smile lines, chin, jaw line, lips, and temples.

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