Injections for Dummies

Have you ever considered getting injections but then shied away from them because you felt like you have to attend medical school just to decode all the different terms… yeah us too! But guess what? You do not have to be a doctor to understand what terms like Voluma, Juvederm and Kybella mean and what they will do to make you look years younger because here at Vivid Skin and Laser we have our highly-experienced Dr. Wendy Dickerson to break down each term for you. YAY! We think it is fitting to refer to the following list as our “Injections for Dummies Cheat Sheet”

Oh Voluma, who doesn’t want some added fullness in their cheeks. This filler which is specially made for cheeks, can also be used to smooth under eye bags, lift lip corners and smooth parenthesis lines. Don’t forget that sagging jaw line you despise… Voluma can solve that to. In just one treatment you can add fullness to your face that can last up to two years. ($780 per syringe).

Kybella is the only FDA approved non-surgical treatment for permanent correction of the double chin. No surgery say what? You got it. In just three treatments say bye-bye to that double chin you have always wanted to live without. Also, fun fact: Kybella is made up of Deoxycholic Acid, which in simpler terms is a natural substance made by the gallbladder to break down and carry away fat. So you do the math, Deoxycholic Acid= fat dissolve= NO MORE DOUBLE CHIN!  ($1200 per syringe).

The most common filler you have probably heard of is Juvederm which is a great all purpose filler. Juvederm is considered economical and can last 6 months to a year. This filler is great in lips but can be used anywhere on the face. It corrects volume loss and improves the look of wrinkles. ($475 per syringe $275 for half a syringe)

Volbella (I know we are thinking the same thing, “Why do all these injections names have to start with the letter “V” because we weren’t already confused enough). Anyway, this filler is specifically for lips and lines around the lips. It produces much more subtle and softer results. If you are simply looking to gain that full pucker you once had when you were young… then we think this might be the lip filler for you! ($350 a syringe).

Volure is specifically for the lower face to correct parenthesis, marionette and smile line. Volure results are very soft and natural and doesn’t add heaviness to the lower face. ($700 per syringe).

Ta-da! Just like that you are a pro on all things injections. Come in and take advantage of our June special *15% off all injectables*

Come and see Dr. Wendy Dickerson every Wednesday at Vivid. You can visit our Instagram @vividskinandlaser to see some incredible before and after photos. 

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