Is Laser Hair Removal For You?

OH NO, that annoying stubble is back again… and here comes summer! After what seems like an hour in the shower shaving… Ugh! Or your dreaded monthly waxing appointment… Ouch! Maintaining a smooth body can be time consuming and expensive. But what if I were to tell you I have the secret to maintaining a smooth, hairless look all summer long. Are you ready? I know… the suspense is killing you! The secret is that here at Vivid Skin and Laser we have you covered head to toe (literally) with a laser treatment specially customized for you. Imagine never having to shave, tweeze or pluck again. In just six treatments, our Lumenis Laser will help to remove unwanted hair from your face, legs, arms, bikini line, as well as an array of other specific areas you dream of having hair-free.

Stop in before the end of May to take advantage of these package deals.


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